Managing the intricacies of wealth transfer

Most of our clients are first-generation wealth creators, visionaries who have built life-changing assets during their lives through high personal standards and a strong work ethic. Successfully passing on wealth can be complex, both emotionally and practically, but the effort is worthwhile for your own satisfaction and the financial well-being of those you leave behind.

The efficient transfer of family wealth is more than just an estate planning obligation. It’s an opportunity to share not only your wealth but also the values that have helped your family build wealth and the values that will help them sustain it through the years to come. It’s an opportunity for nurturing future-focused conversations with loved ones about business succession, charitable giving and diligent stewardship.

For families with significant wealth, preparing their heirs to be responsible stewards is an important priority. We often meet with our clients’ adult children to share our financial knowledge and instill in them the importance of maintaining good financial habits.

We can provide all the support, tools and information you need to rise to the unique demands of wealth – for the good of your family and the causes you value most. From trusts to living wills and tax management strategies, we can help you take a comprehensive approach to multigenerational planning. Let’s work together along with your tax and legal professionals to find answers to important questions, establish trust and open dialogue, and provide the gift of opportunity to those who matter most.

Raymond James and its advisors do not offer tax advice. You should discuss any tax matters with the appropriate professional.